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Escorts Job in Middleton

What kind of girls we are looking for –

  • Ladies with an undying passion: We always look forward to recruiting girls who are elegant, intelligent, passionate and trustworthy. An important attribute that she must have is the undying passion to learn and keep the clients happy.
  • Interest in Eroticism and Sensuality: It will be an added advantage. If you are open to learn new techniques, your chance is quite high.
  • Physical Features: Your height should be 1.65m and the body weight should be proportionate. Besides that you must flaunt a sexy figure with curves and a charming and beautiful face.
  • No Signs of Pregnancy: We say NO to pregnancy. Just make sure you have no such things.
  • Well-educated and Sophisticated: Since most of our clients belong to upper class section and businessmen, we will surely consider lasses that showcase not just great body, but confidence, intelligence and sophistication. A fashionista would get advantage over other normal girls. Girls with great articulate skills are likely to be picked up by intelligent businessmen. Having a degree would just work wonder.

When you meet the above requirements, you can proceed further and fill up the recruitment application form. We have a stringent recruitment procedure.

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